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About JNA

The Jack & The Ace, LLC is a multidisciplinary branding and design studio in Los Angeles, CA. With a concentration in identity development, I build full-scale print, digital, and packaging solutions for brands looking to establish themselves in the market or existing companies looking to redefine their impression.

With a commitment to sustainable packaging and print development, The Jack & The Ace participates in ongoing education and builds vendor relationships that focus on reducing the footprint of consumer waste.

About Sarah

Originally hailing from Detroit, I am now from Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and Big Sur, CA. I like nature, rock & roll, and taking cheap shots at self promotion, like putting a photo of a dog on our About page. That's Rye, the Office Manager. But what she really wants to do is direct. Kidding, fetch. She only wants to play fetch. (Stop trying to make fetch happen, Rye)

So, what can I do for you?